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What is the most popular kitchen cabinet?

Let's get to the crux of the question - the cabinet style that has been outlasting the test of time and styles is the Shaker. Shaker in both full-overly and inset doors are a clear style that can work in both traditional and more modern spaces. The Shaker doors versatility has helped to make it a fabulous choice for people who have an eclectic lifestyle.

Most of our customers (and most people I know!) do not have one specific style but a mix of a few. The shaker door and more specifically in a light color, has been popular for the ages. Shaker doors additionally are easier to maintain with their simple edges and frame style. Some may argue that the shaker style door is boring or too simple - like all things in life, it is a matter of taste. The same style may not work in your kitchen space!

When designing your kitchen, it's a great idea to see the door in a 3D design before you make any decisions. Once you've chosen a door style, next is color selection - paint vs stain and you're off to the races. The furniture of the kitchen (cabinetry) is the best place to start when deciding on color choices. Visuals including the CAD design and samples are always a great tool in order to get your overall look to come to reality.

When working with Heart of the Home Kitchens, our customers work alongside our in-house kitchen designer. This guarantees our clients understand the layout and design before anything is ordered. Let us help you design the kitchen of your dreams!

Call to make your design appointment today, 732-433-3115.


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