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What Does a Kitchen Designer do?

Kitchen Designers organize cabinetry, create a blueprint for the space, as well as place fixtures, appliances and seating in the most functional areas of the Kitchen. At Heart of the Home Kitchens not only do we design the kitchen for our customers, but we also wholesale kitchen cabinetry so that our customers to have access to the best pricing available. We only choose quality cabinets, that takes weeks, not 9 months, to make.

Having someone with a fresh eye hear your needs and create a design for you, why not? Designers have ideas that you may or may not have thought of. If you choose to hire a designer, give them the opportunity to bring your visions to 3D reality! You can always edit the design and rearrange. Kitchens have "standards"- widths, heights, seating dimensions, crown molding and more. It's nice to have a professional who knows these limits to be able to help you create a space that works best. Kitchen cabinets are like the furniture in the kitchen that doesn't move!

Give us the opportunity to talk to you about our free estimating services. You can schedule to have one of our team come out and measure your kitchen as soon as availability allows. We treat our customers like family, let us show you what we can do! Call us today, 732-433-3115. We look forward to making your kitchen dreams come true!

From Concept to completion, here is a measurements example & the completed project:


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