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  The stone market has been flooded with sub-grade, imperfect slabs, loaded with fillers and colored adhesives! Also, now widely used by disreputable shops are “blanks”, stone pieces that have been cut and spliced into usable slabs. These are sold cheaply and installed in the homes of consumers that don’t realize what they have purchased until fillers start popping out and seams open up, leaving the owner with an unrepairable countertop and a contractor that won’t return their call.

Heart of the Home uses ONLY premium stone slabs.  Our warranty guarantees your beautiful countertop will look that way for a lifetime. We also carry a complete lineup of quartz slabs. We are proud of our state of the art Water Jet stone cutting facility located adjacent to our showroom. Stop by for a tour, and we will show you why you should trust us with your expensive stone and quartz tops.

Granite Countertop
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