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Kitchen Inspiration

There are several items that go into kitchen inspiration. Just like the moving parts of the Kitchen renovation itself.

1) Analyze your needs! Is your wife a chef? a 48" range works best! Your son loves to bake? Make room for a double wall oven. You have lavish holiday parties? The kitchen entertaining space should be maximized. Whatever the need, focus on accomplishing the goal of fixing it.

2) Storage space and it's luxuries. Every household needs space to tuck away necessities when not in use. Look into cabinetry pullouts and pantries as well. There are beautiful options for spices and oils as well as cutting boards and cookbooks.

3) Overall theme. looking for a kitchen sleek and modern? warm and welcoming? traditional? Like most people you probably are an eclectic mix. Use a designer to help you get the form of your kitchen right along with the functionality.

Luckily we at Heart of the Home Kitchens are here to help in more ways than one. Heart of The Home Kitchens is a full service kitchen remodel company. We proudly do it all - cabinetry, countertops, flooring, backsplashes, custom crown molding, design and more!

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