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Dreaming of a kitchen remodel ? This is an expensive endeavor and requires a reputable company with proven expertise that you and your can family trust. Here at Heart of Homes Kitchens, , we start with your design vision and take care of every detail along the way. Our company consists of a top notch team including designers, carpenters, counter fabricators, project managers, plumbers and electricians among others. Working with our team of experts means that you will not have to spend your time searching for individual contractors and can enjoy the fun things like choosing lighting, hardware and paint colors.

Hiring a reputable full service contractor will bring peace of mind, knowledge of industry standards and project management expertise. They also provide tangible, necessary things to the job such as a license, insurance and worker’s compensation.

Our company, Heart of the Home Kitchens, is a small, family-run business in Central New Jersey. We have a highly trained professional staff and a solid group of skilled workers who take pride in quality work. We are here to ensure that every aspect of your kitchen design and installation is taken care of. Ultimately, we want you to be happy and stress free during and after your remodel. Our referrals speak for themselves.

Planning your kitchen with our full service kitchen design and contracting company, includes daily communication between you and our team. This helps make efficient decisions in a timely manner and keeps the project momentum going. Hiring an expert to manage your kitchen installation process from beginning to end allows you to enjoy the creative aspects of the installation without having to stress about construction details. We are with you every step of the way from design to completion.

Heart of the Home begins by offering you a beautiful kitchen design and a wonderful selection of products and accessories. We also provide you with competent installation services. Our team will help make your dream kitchen a reality. We begin with an in home consultation, work together on the design and budget, and schedule demolition and installation of all aspects of your kitchen including cabinets, counters, flooring, sinks, faucets, appliances, etc. We have professionals on call with expertise in every area of kitchen design including tile and custom molding. Clean-up during installation is also seamless as we pride ourselves on efficient daily clean-up.

Perhaps the most stress relief comes from the fact that the general contractor is responsible for the quality of all the work the he oversees as part of the contract. If something goes wrong during the construction, it’s up to the general contractor to get it fixed. The cost of those repairs comes o­ut of the contract budget, not your pocket.

Knowledge of building codes, appropriate materials, proper construction methods and safety — both during and after construction — also is a key resource that a general contractor brings to your project. This knowledge saves you the time and trouble of having to learn the in and out details of construction. This knowledge also lets a contractor know which subcontractors are reputable and reliable, and which ones no one should ever hire.

Full service Contractors also have one big advantage you don’t, they’ve done it before. From initial planning to final cleanup, contractors manage workflow like conductors manage orchestras. They understand the structure of the composition, they cue different players when it’s their turn to take the lead, and they probably have experience with at least a few tools of the trade. If you’ve done your homework and hired well, your general contractor will keep the work flowing and the crews busy throughout the entire course of the project.

In the end, its a smart decision to hire a full service general kitchen contractor for a stress free beautiful kitchen. Here at Heart of Home Kitchens, https://www.hearthomekitchens.comour goal is to provide you with a high end customer experience. We are proud of our one stop shop for kitchen design, cabinetry and installation and our premium on- site stone fabrication services.

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