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Amidst the chaos of decorating your house for the holidays, it’s easy to forget the most important part of the home, your kitchen ! With it’s warmth, and central location for family gatherings and entertaining, your kitchen is the perfect place to bring in some interesting holiday decor.

If you recently remodeled your kitchen, it’s probably time to update your decorations as well. When I opened my Christmas boxes this year, everything looked old and worn in relation to my new white kitchen. I gave my sister a few things and donated a huge box of Christmas decorations, including my Santa collection to my local thrift shop. It really feels good to let go of things and I feel ten pounds lighter. I have a limited budget, so my first stop was the dollar store . The Dollar Tree here in NJ has some really cute decorations for only a dollar! I loaded my cart with a bunch of plastic star ornaments, in shiny gold, silver and brushed gold. I added some wire to 5 of them and attached them to the molding above the window with small command hooks. I used wire to hang them at different lengths over my sink. I love how this looks in the morning when making my coffee.

Mini wreaths always look great and are a simple way to bring in the holiday vibe, especially in the kitchen. I love the statement these little wreaths make on white kitchen cabinets seen @ it’s easy to attach the ribbon to the back of the cabinet with painters tape or command strips.

Perusing Pinterest last week, I came across these simple minimalist wreaths that go really well with my clean, less cluttered kitchen style. I love the simplicity here that draws your eye to the light at the window. I have a lot of greenery in my kitchen so these wreaths will match perfectly and could be left up all winter if I like.

I’ve seen similar wreaths on Etsy between $30- $60 and wanted to try making my own. The base of the wreath is either a wooden embroidery hoop or a metal ring, both found in craft stores and/or Amazon for a few dollars. I bought the metal style ring at Hobby Lobby here in NJ along with a few stalks of greenery, some red berry pics and these cute white cotton stalks. In minutes I had a wreath. My daughter, Shea and I made 5 of these while having a glass of wine and I think they are stunning and couldn’t be easier to put together. I just laid out the greenery and wired it the base.

The inspirations available online are endless. Have fun!

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