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Some say white kitchens are classic. Just like a good old pair of Levi’s, never going out of style and getting better with age. White kitchens have certainly exploded in the last few years. In our business here at we see a large percentage of our clients gravitating to bright white cabinetry. According to NKBA members, (National Kitchen and Bath Association) white cabinets are 67% more likely to be chosen in cabinetry among today’s homeowners. This is a 20% climb from two years ago. It’s hard to imagine white in today’s design world, especially cabinetry could get any more popular than it is today, but why white?

Our eyes perceive color in different ways, especially in our homes. Dark tones remind us of cloud cover, enclosed spaces and nighttime. A chilly evening by the fire in a cozy wood toned room comes to mind. On the other hand, our brains connect light with sunshine and airy outdoor spaces. That feeling of waking up on a beautiful sun filled day ready to face the world and all it’s challenges. It’s not surprising that neuroscientists have actually proven that light wakes up our brain! What a better place to utilize white than in the kitchen, where we usually start our day with a cup of coffee.

We know white cabinetry will make a small kitchen look larger. Using a few different shades of white in your kitchen and some various textures, a small kitchen will appear bigger and cleaner without being sterile. A dark floor can anchor the design and bring warmth into your space. In a large kitchen, white can also feel right. There is something very fancy and good looking about an expanse of white cabinetry that can make my heart skip a beat. White has a long history of feeling expensive and special. This most likely goes back to days of old when only the wealthy could afford to wear white. According to Wikipedia, in the 18th century white was only worn by aristocracy and upper class. Even back then, white was considered a status symbol! This was mostly due to the difficulty and expense in cleaning and luckily is not the case today with our modern appliances!

The bottom line is that white can adapt into any kitchen style whether it’s transitional, contemporary, cottage, or traditional. White cabinets looks gorgeous next to the ever popular stainless steel appliances and equally stunning next to matte black appliances coming forth in today’s contemporary design. Keeping everything in balance and scale along with making careful and thoughtful choices will ensure a fabulous white kitchen despite size or budget.

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