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TREND WATCH- Kitchens 2018

It’s a brand new year for design trends. Yahoo! What’s new and exciting in kitchens? Well for starters , how about the neutral kitchen ? White has dominated in kitchen design for the last few years and can appear sterile at times. Rustic finishes that appear light and fresh are inviting and personal. By layering shiny white quartz and new cabinetry with dark floors, exposed brick, wood beams and rustic wood shelving you can elevate your kitchen into a more personal space. Thrown a vintage rug in front of your sink and don’t forget to display your pottery collection. This sets your kitchen apart and makes it entirely yours. Understated, yet inviting. What else is trending?


We saw some beautiful blue cabinetry emerge in 2017, and “shades of blue ” are still making our hearts flutter, but we expect green to be the rage in 2018. “Expect Kitchens to take on moody ocean- inspired shades,” said House Beautiful in their rundown of 2018 kitchen trends. Blues and greens emerged as ‘go – to’ color choices for cabinetry this year. They are being mixed with other colors, complementing wood stains and are perfect with the natural organic vibe in home decor and lighting. Here at we have seen a lot of interest in grays, green – gray and sage green cabinetry. Incidentally, my husband and I painted our standard oak cabinets in our first home hunter green. The kitchen looked beautiful with the Mexican Terra Cotta floor we installed and was very on trend in 1992. Today’s look is similar in many ways, but elevated. Don’t these dark green inset cabinets looks gorgeous with the gold fixtures and marble countertop? Swoon !


So many beautiful trends are emerging in tile such as terrazzo, bold geometrics and interesting colors, but square shapes may be the most apparent. By changing the basic shape of subway tile from rectangular to square, it looks new and interesting. A standard, inexpensive builders tile done in a beautiful color in a square shape makes a stunning kitchen backsplash. A rough and wavy edge can set a white square tile apart from the norm. Tiles that look handmade can bring in much needed texture. Tiny square tiles, including mosaic are really making a comeback. They give a subtle texture due to size and bring the eye forward. 4 x 4 tiles that were so popular in the 60s are back in a big way. Paired with modern sleek elements, they appear vintage and stylish all at the same time. Be there or be square.


Since kitchens are an integral part of our daily living space and many kitchens are open to family and living rooms, islands with a furniture look are where it’s at in design. Instead of all of the focus on storage, islands with open shelving are a beautiful way to display pottery, books, artwork, and family picture. Furniture legs and integrated panels along with contrasting finishes and detailed trims, give an upscale custom look to islands. Kitchens can feel cold due to all the hard surfaces. Open shelving is an opportunity to add warmth, charm and personality to a functional space.


Continuing with the idea of kitchens as part of our daily living space, a vintage looking rug placed in front of the sink can really soften your kitchen, but the kitchen is a dangerous place for textiles, at least in my house. Despite having “three grown up” daughters, I still find salsa and coffee stains on my cabinets and floor. Red wine, crumbs and grease could wreak havoc on a Persian rug in front of the sink so I think I’ll settle for an inexpensive rug that I could throw out in a few months. I’m currently on the hunt for a Oriental/ Kilm style rug that won’t break the bank. I saw a few in Home goods and need to head back to see what colors they had. A vintage rug in the kitchen can add color to a white or neutral space, plus they add cushioning underfoot where you spend a lot of time standing. ( You know I do my best eating very quickly next to the counter because those calories don’t count.) The thing I like most about an antique style rug in the kitchen is that it won’t usually show dirt due to pattern and adds beautiful texture and color to the kitchen plus they are durable and look stunning even when they are worn.

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